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Tickets going fast for Queen of Hearts

Tickets are going fast. You can get your tickets at the McCall Public Library.  Remember only 50 tickets will be given out per our performance contract. What ever is left will be given out this Tuesday, night of performance.


Queen of Hearts. Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 7 p.m. Alpine Playhouse

 Directed by Valérie Donzelli
France | 2011 | Comedy | French w/ English subtitles


Thirty-something Adele is devastated after a painful breakup. With no close friends or family, her distant cousin, Rachel, reluctantly takes her in and graciously attempts to salvage Adele’s personal and professional lives. Rachel finds her a job and suggests that Adele sleep with other men to get over her heartbreak. Adele bounces from one lover to the next in search of her perfect companion but can’t escape the visage of her ex. Finally, she recognizes the man who may just hold the answer to her broken heart.

“Hilarious! An endearingly goofy spin on looking-for-love-in-the-big-city comedies” – Dennis Harvey, Variety