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“Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, Wednesday, December 10th, 7 pm at Alpine Playhouse

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McCall Film Society’s presents “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”, Wednesday, December 10th, 7 pm at the Alpine Playhouse, In this madcap and lighthearted comedic romp set in Taiwan, introvert Weichung begins to question his marriage to Feng when she signals she’s ready to have another baby and an unexpected encounter with a friend from his past awakens long-dormant emotions. It all sets him off on a quest for true romance and desire. Maggie Lee of Variety calls the film, “Poignant and heartening. Playfully channeling Woody Allen, Jacques Tati and Jacques Demy” –

The Director/writer, Arvin Chen explains the story of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? “originated with a personal anecdote from a gay friend of mine living in Taiwan. Though almost forty, he almost exclusively dates men in their twenties, so, partially joking, I asked him if he just really preferred younger men. He replied that he would actually love to find someone closer to his own age, but there were very few available – most of them have gone back into the closet, and were already married with families. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” focuses on an ordinary middle-class family where its members constantly deal with the dilemma of accepting the status quo or embracing new changes in their everyday life. Their expectations and hesitations are depicted with both dramatic conflict and a vivid sense of realism.

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Scene from Film


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