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“Human Capital”. Wednesday, September 23- 7 pm- Alpine Playhouse


The McCall Film Society’s Fall Series will start on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7 pm at the Alpine Playhouse, 1210 Roosevelt Ave, with “ Human Capital”, winner of Best Picture at the Italian Golden Globes. The drama begins at the end, a nuanced account of desire, greed and the value of human life in an age of rampant capitalism and financial manipulation. The Hollywood Reporter calls Human Capital, “Engrossing! A chic thriller [with] a top-flight cast.”

“Human Capital” is based on the novel by Stephen Amidon, Human Capital, set in an affluent Connecticut suburb in the last decade. The movie transports this novel to Italy. Paolo Virzi, the director states, “Those characters, and that story, seemed emblematic of our times, even in Italy: a wealth that doesn’t come from work, but from the most ruthless of financial speculation; the dashed hopes of climbing the social ladder; the anxiety that money causes; a generation of young people forced to pay a higher price for happiness, because of the fitful ambitions of their parents, or their own frustrations.”

The film begins at the end, as a cyclist is run off the road by a careening SUV the night before Christmas Eve. As details emerge of the events leading up to the accident, the lives of the well-to-do Bernaschi family, privileged and detached, will intertwine with the Ossolas, struggling to keep their comfortable middle-class life, in ways neither could have expected.

Advanced tickets will be available at the McCall Public Library, starting next Thursday, September 17th until 3 pm Wednesday, the day of the show. Remaining tickets will be available at the door. All tickets are free.

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