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Second Coming, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 7 p.m. at Alpine Playhouse

Nadine Marshall and Idris Elba in Second Coming

Nadine Marshall and Idris Elba in Second Coming

The McCall Film Society presents “ Second Coming”, Wednesday, February 17th at 7 pm at the Alpine Playhouse, 1210 Roosevelt Ave., McCall. Second Coming is full of fine performances and subtle observations, particularly on the fragile power balance between parents, children and other family members. …full of emotionally and psychologically complex black characters who are not limited to representing race-defined themes.” – Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

Second Coming, a film by Debbie Tucker Green a new voice in British film making is about a busy, working parents, Jackie and Mark living in London who haven’t been intimate in quite some time. However, Jackie abruptly discovers that she is pregnant. She knows it’s not her husband Mark’s, but claims she hasn’t been with anyone else either. The unnerving side effects of her pregnancy begin to affect her mental state, creating turmoil within the family that is only made worse by Mark’s fury. SECOND COMING follows the close knit family over the course of a year as they navigate their way through family life and cope with an unexplainable pregnancy.

Idris Elba of TV Series Luther and the Wire gives a powerful performance as the husband confronted by his wife declaration of the unexplained pregnancy in an impressive homegrown slice-of-life drama that’s tinged with unease and strangeness. Nadine Marshall who plays his pregnant wife “does astute work with [her] role… her performance always maintaining audience sympathy even as her character does everything possible to repel it.” – says Andrew Barker of Variety.

Advanced tickets will be available at the McCall Public Library, starting Thursday February 11th until 3 pm Wednesday, the day of the show. Remaining tickets will be available at the door. All tickets are free.

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